🛡️The PrimordialDAO

Introducing the PrimordialDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that empowers the community to influence the integration of new Meme tokens into the LP Staking and Vesting systems for Star System Labs. Our cutting-edge governance model, fueled by the StarDustDividends token and amplified by CosmicImpacts, ensures that the decision-making process is transparent, fair, and community-driven.

At the heart of the PrimordialDAO lies StarDustDividends ($SDIV) token, serving as the key governance instrument. As a holder of $SDIV, you become an integral part of shaping the future of Star System Labs. One $SDIV equals one vote, providing a 1:1 token/voting system based on tokens locked within the smart contract during voting periods. This decentralized approach ensures that every participant's voice is heard, democratizing the decision-making process.

The PrimordialDAO values active participation and rewards it through CosmicImpacts. By engaging with the ecosystem and demonstrating commitment, users can earn these unique digital assets. Locking a CosmicImpact during the voting period grants you a x2.5 boost to your voting weight, allowing you to have a more substantial impact on the integration of new Meme tokens.

The PrimordialDAO guarantees transparency and security throughout the voting process. When a proposal is presented, the community can lock their $SDIV tokens into the contract, signifying their support for their preferred option. The tokens remain locked until the voting period concludes, ensuring the integrity of the process and preventing undue influence. Once the vote ends, the locked tokens are promptly released back into the wallets of the voters.

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