PrimordialPePe $PPEPE Tokenomics


PrimordialPePe ($PPEPE) is not just another meme token in the vast universe of cryptocurrencies. We've built it on a foundation of transparency, innovation, and community inclusivity. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of our tokenomics:

1. Initial Supply & Launch

  • Launch Supply: We start our journey with a massive supply of 100 trillion $PPEPE tokens. This robust initial supply ensures that there's enough liquidity in the market for all our holders and potential investors.

  • Liquidity: For our launch, we're locking in liquidity with $1,000 USD. This means that the market will be stable, and the token is set to have a tremendous growth potential.

  • Mining Phase: During our mining phase users can mine PrimordialPePe using Ether and selecting to support either with Pond or PePe and getting rewarded with PrimordialPePe at the time of transaction and ( depending on what the miner selected to mine with ) will also get rewards in Pond/PePe once the mining phase is complete. The mining phase is active until our supply reaches 420,690,000,000,000

2. A Transparent Approach

  • No Whitelisting: We proudly distinguish ourselves from many other meme tokens with our exclusion of whitelisting procedures and investors. By doing so, we ensure an even playing field for all participants and avoid concerns often associated with whitelisted investment events.

  • Security: By forgoing traditional whitelisting, we operate without any security concerns that plague other meme tokens. This decision underpins our commitment to a transparent and safe environment for our community.

3. Minting $PPEPE Tokens

Holders and investors have multiple avenues to mint $PPEPE tokens:

  • Mining PrimordialPePe ($PPEPE): Mine PrimordialPePe with either PePe $PEPE (0x69) or Pond $PNDC

  • Staking PrimordialPlanets ($PLANETS): Stake your $PLANETS tokens and earn $PPEPE as a reward.

  • Staking Approved LP Tokens: By staking specific LP tokens (which will be listed on our platform), you can mint $PPEPE tokens.

  • Vesting Approved Meme Tokens: Vest specific meme tokens, and you'll have the option to mint $PPEPE tokens over time.

4. Honoring the Meme Community

We are eternally grateful for the overwhelming support from the meme community, and as a gesture of gratitude:

  • Integration of $PEPE/$SHIB Holders: All $PEPE/$SHIB token holders will be integrated seamlessly into our system. This not only provides them with the benefits enjoyed by the $PPEPE community but also grants them access to LP Staking and Vesting options.

  • First Meme Token on Star System Labs: $PPEPE takes pride in being the inaugural meme token to be incorporated into Star System Labs. This partnership paves the way for exciting developments and collaborations in the future. With voting on future MeMe token integrations via the PrimordialDAO

StarDustDividends $SDIV Tokenomics


StarDustDividends ($SDIV) is the foundation to our MeMe Utility. It's built on a robust foundation that combines community rewards, transparency, and sustainable growth. Here's an in-depth tokenomics breakdown:

  1. Initial Supply & Launch

  • Total Supply: Embarking on this cosmic journey, we've launched with a colossal supply of 100 billion $SDIV tokens. This ensures a deep liquidity pool for both our current holders and future enthusiasts.

  • Liquidity: We're bolstering the market with an initial liquidity of $1,000 USD. This strategic move sets the stage for massive growth potential and market stability.

  1. Holder Incentives

  • Wrapped Bitcoin Rewards: One of the standout features of StarDustDividends is the rewarding of its holders with liquid Wrapped Bitcoin. This incentive not only brings direct financial rewards but also underscores the value we place on our community.

  1. Trading Fee Allocation Engaging with $SDIV entails a trading fee of 5%. Here's a precise allocation of this fee:

  • Development (1%): This portion is channeled towards covering backend costs, server expenses, and developer compensation, ensuring a smooth operational framework.

  • Marketing (1%): Allocated funds from here support our various marketing campaigns and the distribution of free mint NFTs, thus broadening our reach and enhancing community engagement.

  • LP Injection (1%): These funds are strategically used to infuse liquidity into $PPEPE, fortifying the token's stability in the market.

  • Direct Dividends (2%): The highlight of our system. A full 2% of the trading fee is directly distributed to our holders in the form of Wrapped Bitcoin, ensuring consistent rewards and promoting long-term holding.

  1. Utility & Growth of Star System Labs

  • Fee-Based Ecosystem Participation: StarDustDividends stands as the bedrock of our utility model. It offers the community an opportunity to engage in a fee-based ecosystem, which in turn underpins the sustainability and growth of Star System Labs.

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