Introduction to Nebula Miner

The Nebula Miner is a core component of the Nebula Platform, designed to support the ecosystem through a unique mining process. Participants, referred to as miners, contribute to the platform by depositing Ethereum (ETH). This ETH is then utilized to provide liquidity in the PEPE token pool, reinforcing the token's market stability. Miners have the flexibility to target their support towards either PEPE or PNDC tokens.

Mining Process

  1. Deposit ETH: Miners start by depositing ETH into the Nebula Miner.

  2. Support Liquidity Pool: The deposited ETH is automatically injected into the liquidity pool of the chosen meme coin (PEPE or PNDC), enhancing its market presence.

  3. Earn PPEPE Rewards: By participating in the mining process, miners immediately get PPEPE sent to their wallets.

  4. SDIV Airdrop: By participating in the mining process, miners are also eligible to opt-in for Stardust Dividends (SDIV) rewards, launch TBA.


  • Supports and stabilizes meme coin markets within the Nebula ecosystem.

  • Offers rewards in the form of PPEPE and SDIV aligning interests of miners with the platform's growth.

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