🎯Monolith Shard Game Mechanism

The Monolith Shards Game is a groundbreaking, fully on-chain game, designed to run for a duration that allows the minted Genesis Pods supply to triple, enabling each pod to seed life on a CosmicImpact planet. Each week, users have the opportunity to hunt for Monolith Shards, with a chance to acquire up to 2 shards per game event. Each Planet costs 10,000 $PPEPE to participate in the Monolith Shard Events, and note that all $PPEPE is burned.

The Monolith Shard game harnesses the power of $PLANETS and $IMPACTS NFTs, enabling users to discover monolith shards on their planets. Every Monolith Shard is represented as an ERC1155 NFT. To participate, users must hold a $PLANETS or $IMPACTS NFT at the beginning of the event, and this same NFT must be present in the user's wallet to claim the reward. This system eliminates the need to lock the NFT, while also minimizing the gas required for participation.

The process involves a series of steps:

  1. A window of time is provided, typically from Monday to Wednesday (though exact times are determined by block times and can vary each week), to pay $PPEPE and sign a transaction for participation.

  2. A waiting period ensues.

  3. On Friday of each week, you'll learn if you have won up to 2 Monolith Shards.

  4. The weekend serves as an interval, leading into the next week's event.

Each week, 10% of the available Monolith Shards can be found - 7% are distributed across the PrimordialPlanets and 3% across the CosmicImpacts. These weekly events continue until all Monolith Shards are claimed. You MUST CLAIM your Monolith Shards to ensure they are secured. In the final week, the blockchain's workings may result in more winners than can possibly claim, leading to a competition among winners to claim their Monolith Shards.

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