🥩Staking Mechanisms

LP Staking

LP staking is vital for generating PrimordialPePe (PPEPE) in our ecosystem. Users can earn PrimordialPePe rewards by staking LP tokens, specifically PrimordialPePe LP tokens. Another way to produce PrimordialPePe is by staking a PrimordialPlanet NFT.

Locking LP tokens removes them from circulation, enhancing liquidity and security within the swap protocol providing a rug resistant trading ecosystem for any meme token our community chooses to support.

PePe token holders are the first who can participate in LP staking to generate PrimordialPePe rewards, fostering community support and growth.

Staking 1 $PEPE LP Token yields 100 PrimordialPePe daily. Staking 10 $PEPE LP Tokens results in 1,000 $PPEPE per day as a reward, and so on. Pond $PNDC gets the same rates as PePe $PEPE as it is a unique token while each other meme token that gets integrated into our system will have unique emissions providing a balanced ecosystem. Meanwhile staking 1 $PPEPE LP Token yields 1,000 $PPEPE tokens daily and staking StarDustDividends LP Tokens yields 2,000$PPEPE daily per staked token

If a user wants to increase yields in a compounding effect for a single LP Staking pool, NFTs can boost these daily yields when locked alongside the pool. These boosts take the form of 2% for the first Generation, 10% for the second Generation (Primary LP/Vesting Booster), and 5% for the third Generation. Community voting will determine the inclusion of new MeMe tokens for LP staking rewards in PrimordialPePe.


Vesting, a key pillar of our system, significantly contributes to the generation of PrimordialPePe. The process is governed by a timelock mechanism spanning 1 to 12 months.

While our vesting system includes specific tokens, each token follows a unique vesting rate that directly corresponds to the reward percentage based on the length of the timelock. The reward rate starts at 2% and increases 2% until month 12, of which has a posted rate of 30% instead of 24%

Tokens to be integrated at launch:

  • PePe $PEPE (0x69)

  • Pond $PNDC

  • PrimordialPePe $PPEPE

  • StarDustDividends $SDIV

We understand that circumstances may arise requiring the early withdrawal of vested tokens. For such cases, we provide an emergency withdrawal option. However, be advised that choosing this path will result in forfeiting any rewards that would have been accumulated.

Furthermore, we've enhanced our vesting process by integrating NFT boosts. The extent of these boosts depends on the generation of the NFT:

- First Generation NFTs receive a 2% boost

- Second Generation NFTs receive a 10% boost

- Third Generation NFTs receive a 5% boost

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