PrimordialDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) designed to empower its community in integrating new Meme tokens into Star System Labs' LP Staking and Vesting systems. The DAO's governance model is anchored by the StarDustDividends ($SDIV) token and enhanced by CosmicImpacts, ensuring decisions are made with transparency, fairness, and a community-first approach.

StarDustDividends ($SDIV) Token

Role in Governance

  • Governance Tool: The $SDIV token is a pivotal element in the PrimordialDAO's framework. Holding this token grants participants a significant say in the DAO's future trajectory.

  • Voting Rights: Shunning the traditional 1:1 token-to-vote structure, the DAO allots one vote per token holder address. This strategy promotes democratic participation by allowing every holder's voice equal weight.

Special Privileges

Owners of the evolved Generation 2 CosmicImpact NFT with life possess enhanced privileges:

  • Proposal Submission: Such holders can not only vote but also have the authority to submit proposals, mirroring the rights of the contract's deployer.

Voting Procedures

  1. Proposal Introduction: Proposals are presented for community consideration.

  2. Token Verification: To cast a vote, the DAO system will confirm that participants hold $SDIV tokens at the proposal's initiation and its conclusion.

  3. Dual-Verification: This mechanism ensures the unaltered weight of each vote throughout the voting window.

  4. Vote Forfeit: Participants who transfer out their $SDIV tokens during the voting process (resulting in a zero balance) will lose their voting rights for that specific proposal.

Proposal Features

Proposal Function

As the smart contract is being refined and audited, details regarding the proposal function are still in development. We're dedicated to ensuring robustness and security in this feature, so it integrates seamlessly with our governance model. More information will be provided upon the contract's completion and subsequent audit.

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