🌋PrimordialPlanets [PLANETS]

Welcome to the intriguing world of PrimordialPlanets ($PLANETS) — the first-generation NFTs from Star System Labs. This page offers an in-depth exploration of their features, functionalities,


PrimordialPlanets are the first generation of NFTs from Star System Labs, consisting of 10,000 unique tokens. They allow owners to stake them to mint $PPEPE tokens or enhance $PPEPE rewards as an LP booster.


On-chain Existence

  • 100% on-chain: PrimordialPlanets are stored entirely on the blockchain with no reliance on IPFS, APIs, or external websites.

  • Generative Process: Traits are determined randomly during minting, following simple instructions.

Staking and Minting

  • Staking Rewards: Stake a PrimordialPlanet to generate 10,000 PrimordialPePe per day.

  • First 2k Free: The initial 2,000 PrimordialPlanets are free to claim (gas fees apply).

  • Minting with PrimordialPePe: The next 8,000 can be minted by burning staked or purchased PrimordialPePe.

Zero Royalties

  • No Royalties: PrimordialPlanets impose zero royalties on secondary sales.


  • Rare Traits: The generation process includes rules to make certain traits rarer than others.

Staking Mechanism

  1. Claim Rewards: Rewards can be claimed at any time, incurring a gas fee.

  2. Unstaking: Unstaking returns the PrimordialPlanet to your wallet and claims any accrued rewards.

  3. Sacrificing (Burning): Owners can "burn" a PrimordialPlanet to mint a new one without using PrimordialPePe.

Cost Breakdown for Minting

The cost to mint varies through different tiers:

  • #0–1999: Free

  • #2000–3999: 100,000 PrimordialPePe

  • #4000–5999: 200,000 PrimordialPePe

  • #6000–7999: 300,000 PrimordialPePe

  • #8000–9999: 400,000 PrimordialPePe

We increase the required PrimordialPePe each tier because more PrimordialPlanets can be staked, so PrimordialPePe emissions will slowly increase. All PrimordialPePe is burned and non of it is sent to the team

Blockchain Durability

With pure blockchain storage, the PrimordialPlanets will exist as long as the underlying blockchain remains operational, unaffected by external web service disruptions.


PrimordialPlanets represent an exciting blend of generative art, utility, and a self-sustaining economy. By offering numerous ways to engage with the system, they're more than mere collectibles. Whether through staking to generate rewards or exploring the various traits of these unique NFTs, owners can actively participate in a lively and evolving ecosystem.

For any future developments like CosmicImpacts, GenesisPods, or the Monolith Shards event, the staking of PrimordialPlanets and the use of PrimordialPePe will play a critical role. The PrimordialPlanets project introduces a dynamic approach to NFTs, bridging creativity, utility, and the decentralized philosophy of blockchain technology.

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