🔗On-Chain Generative NFT System

Introducing our revolutionary generative system that allows for the creation of completely random collections with each launch on a new chain, resulting in a vast multi-chain system featuring a myriad of unique planets!

With our unique NFT system, users can mint Generation 1 (PrimordialPlanets), Generation 2 (CosmicImpacts), and Generation 3 NFTs (GenesisPods), each possessing distinct features and utility. These NFTs offer various opportunities for users to maximize their benefits. For instance, users can stake their NFTs for $PPEPE or leverage them to enhance their LP/Vesting rewards.

Our platform also offers an exciting gaming experience! Participants can engage in a unique game that grants Monolith Shards (ERC1155) tokens as rewards. These tokens play a crucial role in seeding life in your GenesisPods using your CosmicImpacts and increasing their rarity, ensuring a thrilling and dynamic NFT ecosystem. These seeded planets will be used in a boost DAO vote for a "meme-nator" grade vote which holds a x2.5 weight value. More details will be stated in the PrimordialDAO section.

One of the most remarkable aspects of our system is its transparency and decentralization. Every component, ranging from the smart contract code to the NFT SVG and metadata, is stored on-chain. This feature ensures that all your NFT assets can be accessed seamlessly with nothing more than a connection to the blockchain.

And the best part is, thanks to our generative system, the possibilities are endless. With each launch on a new blockchain, entirely random collections of NFTs emerge, giving birth to an ever-expanding multi-chain universe featuring countless unique planets for users to explore and enjoy.

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