🎨Non-Fungible Token Descriptions

PrimordialPlanets $PLANETS

The PrimordialPlanets are the first Generation NFTs from Star System Labs. These $PLANETS can be staked to mint $PPEPE or staked as an LP booster to enhance $PPEPE rewards. All PrimordialPePe used to mint NFTs is burned!

  • 10,000 unique generative PrimordialPlanets

  • 100% On-Chain (No IPFS, No API)

  • Randomly generated by the smart contract on mint

  • The first 2k are free to claim

  • Each PrimordialPlanet can be staked to generate 10000 PrimordialPePe per day

  • 0 Royalties on secondary sales

Every single PrimordialPlanet is free to mint. The first 2,000 are totally free (only cost is the gas to mint) and the next 8,000 can only be minted by first owning a PrimordialPlanet, staking it to generate PrimordialPePe, and then using this PrimordialPePe to generate the remaining 8k PrimordialPlanets. Or purchasing PrimordialPePe and using these purchased tokens to mint the remaining PrimordialPlanets.

You can claim rewards at any time, but you have to pay a gas fee each time you claim. Therefore, it's usually best to only claim when you plan to spend the rewards. Your rewards are never lost; they will keep accruing until you unstake. You can unstake your PrimordialPlanet at any time, which removes it from our PrimordialPePe Staking Contract and puts it back into your wallet, unstaking will also claim all remaining rewards left on that PrimordialPlanet.

The PrimordialPePe generated by staking your PrimordialPlanets is crucial because it's the one of the only ways to mint the rest of the PrimordialPlanets! (and for future project activities like CosmicImpacts, GenesisPods, and the Monolith Shards event)

Cost breakdown of the entire 10k PrimordialPlanets collection:

  • 0-1,999: free to mint

  • 2,000-3,999: 100,000 PrimordialPePe to mint 1 PrimordialPlanet

  • 4,000-5,999: 200,000 PrimordialPePe to mint 1 PrimordialPlanet

  • 6,000-7,999: 300,000 PrimordialPePe to mint 1 PrimordialPlanet

  • 8,000-9,999: 400,000 PrimordialPePe to mint 1 PrimordialPlanet

We increase the required PrimordialPePe each tier because more PrimordialPlanets can be staked, so PrimordialPePe emissions will slowly increase.

Sacrificing (Burning)

You can Sacrifice (also called β€œburn”) your PrimordialPlanet at any time to immediately mint a new one. This doesn't cost any PrimordialPePe, but your sacrificed PrimordialPlanet is gone forever.

Pure Blockchain

Our PrimordialPlanets are 100% on-chain. No IPFS, no API, no website. Just pure blockchain. In 25 years, if our website and OpenSea are no longer in service, as long as the given blockchain still works, your PrimordialPlanets will still exist. We plan on launching on multiple blockchains making PrimordialPlanets even harder to take down.


We didn't want to just build a pre-created collection of 10k PrimordialPlanets. But we still needed to have some control over the appearance of them. So we first created a bunch of different traits and then we created a simple set of instructions that the smart contract follows to generate your PrimordialPlanets. The traits for your PrimordialPlanets are determined when you mint it, and it's totally random each time.

Are there any rare traits?

Yes! We built some rules into our generation process to make sure that some numbers come up less often than others. The final trait distribution will depend on you minting each PrimordialPlanet and generating a new combination each time.

CosmicImpacts $IMPACTS

Cosmic Impact Supply is equal to PrimordialPlanets leftover supply after minting is finished. You need 2 PrimordialPlanets and 500,000 PrimordialPePe to perform 1 Cosmic Impact.

It takes 14 days (100,000 blocks) for the Cosmic Impact to be revealed from its Primordial State. The 2 origin planets are time-locked for those 14 days (100,000 blocks). You can speed up the reveal or the time-lock by depositing PrimordialPePe into your impact ticket. It costs 100,000 PrimordialPePe to speed-up the 14 day time-lock of the parent planets (1 PrimordialPePe speeds up 1 block). No cost curves and no limits to how many times a PrimordialPlanet can used for impact.

Pure Blockchain

This is the part we are most proud of. Everything is done through our smart contracts once again. We have no APIs, nothing is on IPFS, no external dependencies at all, just pure blockchain.

StarDust/Non-StarDust Traits

Your Cosmic Impacts are much more likely to have one of the origin planet's elemental traits vs non-elemental traits based on if these elements were transfered during the cosmic impace event.

OG Advantage

If you perform an impact with an OG PrimordialPlanet (#0–1999) you have a slightly higher chance of generating a rare base CosmicImpact.

Legendary Planets

We wanted to include something a little extra to make the impact events even more exciting. So we have created: Legendary Cosmic Impacts. There are 9 different 1 of 1 CosmicImpacts that can be generated by any primordial state. There are no special bonuses, every primordial state has the exact same chance. Each time you reveal a CosmicImpact, you have a small chance of generating a Legendary. The first 3 Legendaries each have a 1% chance of being generated (1 in 100). The next 3 Legendaries each have a 0.5% chance (1 in 200). The final 3 Legendaries each have a 0.3% chance (1 in 300). They are all generated in order. So when the first Legendary is generated, the next one will be different, and so on, until all 9 are minted. Multiple simulations have been run and this distribution creates a ~98% chance that all Legendaries will be minted by the time the final CosmicImpact is revealed.

GenesisPods $GENESIS

Each Genesis Pod can be minted for 1,000,000 PrimordialPepe. The option is available to burn the minted Genesis Pod and immediately mint a new one. This doesn’t cost any additional PrimordialPepe but the burned Genesis Pod will be gone forever.

This is a separate NFT in a completely different collection, but collectors will eventually be able to seed life on their CosmicImpact planets. Essentially, the Genesis Pods contain all the DNA or metadata to seed life.

Five types of DNA to be found within the Genesis Pods:

Type I (Animal)

Type II (Plant)

Type III (Fungi)

Type IV (Protist)

Type V (Monera)

These are the new base planet types that have thriving lifeforms on them. The traits for these new planets fall into one of three categories:

1/ Identical for all five planets.

2/ Similar for all five planets, bearing the same trait name.

3/ Unique trait for each planet.

There are over 1/2 million unique trait combinations to discover. Although the percentages are preset in the contract, we don’t know which traits will be drawn out by the contract on mint and permanently stamped on the blockchain. This element of surprise is what makes it a generative NFT.

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