🪙Fungible Token Descriptions

PrimordialPePe $PPEPE

We will initiate our launch with a substantial total supply of 100 trillion tokens, and our liquidity will be locked with 1,000 USD, providing an enormous growth potential. What sets us apart is our exclusion of whitelisting procedures and investors. This unique approach ensures that we operate without concerns about security, unlike other meme tokens that require whitelisting investment events. The minting of $PPEPE tokens is achievable through mining with either PePe(0x69)($PEPE) or Pond($PNDC), staking PrimordialPlanets $PLANETS, staking approved LP tokens, or vesting approved meme tokens. Additionally, we are honoring our commitment to the Meme Community by allowing all $PEPE and $PNDC holders to be seamlessly integrated into our system, granting them access to LP Staking and Vesting options to mint PrimordialPePe tokens as the first meme token to be integrated into Star System Labs.

StarDustDividends $SDIV

StarDustDividends, our groundbreaking dividend token, debuts with a massive supply of 100 billion units locked against 1,000 USD of initial liquidity preparing for masisve growth. This token offers a unique incentive for holders by rewarding them with liquid Wrapped Bitcoin. When engaging in StarDustDividend transactions, a total trading fee of 5% is implemented. Here's a breakdown of how this fee is allocated: 1% goes towards development (devs, servers, backend costs), 1% supports marketing efforts (marketing & free mint NFTs), 1% is utilized for LP injection (infusing liquidity into $PPEPE), and 2% is distributed as direct dividend rewards to the holders' wallets in the form of Wrapped Bitcoin. Acting as the cornerstone of our utility, this token enables the community to optionally participate in a fee-based ecosystem that supports the growth and sustainability of Star System Labs.

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