Overview of Nebula Vesting

Nebula Vesting offers a unique opportunity for users to lock their meme tokens into vesting slots, accruing PPEPE rewards over time. This mechanism allows users to tailor their investment strategy by selecting lock periods that adjust the APR rate accordingly.

Vesting Mechanism

  1. Lock Meme Tokens: Users choose a vesting slot to lock in their meme tokens(Currently supported tokens are - PPEPE, PEPE, SHIB).

  2. Select Lock Time: The lock time is adjustable, affecting the APR rate users receive.

  3. Earn Rewards: Over time, users earn PPEPE rewards based on their vesting APR rates.

Flexibility and Rewards

  • Users can opt-in for SDIV rewards just by using the vesting system, further integrating into the Nebula reward ecosystem!

  • Early removal of tokens from vesting slots is permitted, though it forfeits any accumulated rewards.

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