🛂How to Stake with Nebula

Step 1: Navigating to LP Staking

  • Access Earn Page: On the Nebula Platform DApp, go to the 'Earn' page to find various earning opportunities.

  • LP Staking: Within the 'Earn' section, click on the 'LP Staking' tab to proceed.

  • Select LP Token: Choose the Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens you want to stake. For this example, we're using testnet SHIB LP tokens.

Step 2: Staking Your LP Tokens

  • Enter Amount: Type in the amount of LP tokens you want to stake in the provided input field.

  • Stake: Click on the 'STAKE' button to initiate the staking process.

Step 3: Confirming Staking with MetaMask

  • Approval: A MetaMask pop-up will request your approval to transfer the LP tokens.

  • Transaction Confirmation: After approval, MetaMask will ask you to confirm the transaction to stake the LP tokens.

Step 4: Updating and Managing Your Stake

  • Balance Update: Post-transaction, your balance should update, reflecting in the 'Claims' page of the app.

  • Claims Tab: To manage your stake, navigate to the 'Claims' tab.

  • LP Token Management: In 'LP Staking', select the LP token position you want to manage – testnet SHIB in this scenario.

Step 5: Understanding Your Staking Position

  • Primordial Emissions: This shows your daily reward rate in basis points, which will be updated to a percentage rate in the next major update of Nebula.

  • LP Staked: Displays the amount of LP tokens you have staked.

  • PPEPE Rewards: Indicates the amount of PPEPE tokens you are eligible to claim.

Step 6: Interactions and Strategy

  • Strategic Management: Interactions with your staked LP tokens reset your rewards and emission rate. Claiming rewards resets the emissions rate, while adding more LP tokens resets both the rewards and the emissions rate.

  • Planning: Users need to strategize on how to best manage their staking positions. (Note: 'LP Staking V2', introducing 10 staking slots, is set to release this week.)

Step 7: Claiming Rewards

  • Claim: Click 'CLAIM' to begin the process of claiming your PPEPE rewards.

  • MetaMask Transaction: Approve the transaction on MetaMask.

  • Reward and Rate Reset: Post-confirmation, the emissions rate to 50 and rewards will reset to 0, with PPEPE rewards transferred to your wallet.

Step 8: Unstaking LP Tokens

  • Unstake: If you wish to unstake, follow the same steps as claiming rewards but click the 'UNSTAKE LP' button instead.

  • Process Confirmation: Approve and confirm the transaction on MetaMask to complete the unstaking process.

Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your wallet for the initial staking and for any associated transaction fees. Be mindful of your staking strategy to optimize your rewards and position management. All LP Stakers opt in for an SDIV airdrop. LPStaking PrimordialPePe PPEPE LP results in StardustDividends SDIV rewards.

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