🛂How to Vest with Nebula

Step 1: Initiating Vesting

  • Navigate to Earn: Open the Nebula Platform DApp and click on the 'Earn' section to explore the earning opportunities.

  • Select Vesting Option: Within the 'Earn' section, find and click on the 'Vesting' tab to proceed with vesting your tokens.

  • Choose Your Token: From the available options, in this case we will select the PEPE Token to vest.

Step 2: Entering Vesting Details

  • Input Amount: Type in the amount of tokens you want to vest.

  • Set Vesting Period: Use the toggle bar to adjust the vesting period to your preference.

  • Confirm Vesting: Click on the 'VEST' button to set the process in motion.

Step 3: Completing Vesting with MetaMask

  • Approve the Process: A MetaMask pop-up will ask for your approval to authorize the DApp to access your tokens.

  • Confirm the Transaction: After approval, confirm the vesting transaction on MetaMask to finalize it.

Step 4: Managing Vesting on the Claim Page

  • Check Vesting Slots: Post-transaction, visit the 'Claim' page, click on 'Vesting', and then select the desired token to see your active vesting slots. In this case we will select PEPE.

  • Vesting Slot Information: Here, you'll find information about your vested tokens, including the amount and the time remaining until you can claim them.

Step 5: Claiming or Withdrawing

  • Emergency Withdraw: If you need immediate access to your tokens, click 'Emergency Withdraw'. Note: This action will forfeit any accrued rewards.

  • Wait to Claim: For the full benefits, wait until the vesting period has completed, then click 'Claim' to receive both your vested tokens and the PPEPE rewards.

Vesting Strategy Considerations

  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the vesting time frame before committing your tokens.

  • Be aware that 'Emergency Withdraw' comes with the cost of losing your rewards, so plan your financial needs accordingly.

  • Keep in mind the potential gas fees involved when initiating and completing vesting or withdrawal/claim transactions.

By adhering to these steps, you can successfully vest your meme tokens on the Nebula Platform DApp, and manage your investment to optimize your returns through PPEPE rewards. All vesters opt in for an SDIV airdrop at the time of launch.

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