📑Semi-Fungible Token Descriptions

Monolith Shards $SHARDS

Monolith Shards, are ERC1155 tokens that can be used with GenesisPods, to accelerate life on that planet into a more advanced lifeform. They are crucial in assembling Genesis Pods, which transform your planets life into evolved lifeforms. These shards are generated through the Monolith Shard Game Mechanism, specifically during weekly on-chain events.

The supply of these shards is capped at the required amount to seed life using all the GenesisPods. Indicating that only two-thirds of the $GENESIS NFTs will be seeding life if every single Monolith Shard is minted via the Monolith Shard Game Mechanism. Collectors must choose the DNA they want to use for seeding very carefully.

Participation in these weekly events, which distribute X Monolith Shards each, requires holding a genesis entity or CosmicImpact and paying 10,000 PrimordialPepe/entity. You must hold an entity at the start of the event AND at the end of the event in order to claim the Monolith Shards if you win. These events will be balanced with the distribution amount to ensure that the total supply of Monolith Shards is minted

To seed life on a planet, three Monolith Shards are combined with a Genesis Pod to assemble a full seeding pod. During assembly, your monolith fragments are effectively burned and your Genesis Pod is upgraded into an seeding pod. The DNA/metadata from the Genesis Pods remains and is now displayed on the computer screen in the seeding pod NFT.

Once you've assembled the seeding pod, you're ready to seed life on your CosmicImpact planet. The existing traits of the CosmicImpact will not influence the final evolution, only the DNA within the seeding pod. As such, the CosmicImpact enters the seeding pod, its existing traits are replaced by the ones displayed on the computer screens and contained in the Genesis Pods. The seeding pod is then burned, and life has been seeded. Note that an seeding pod can only be used once and will self-destruct (be burned) after one use.

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