🥩LP Staking

Introduction to LP Staking

LP Staking within the Nebula Platform is strategically designed to secure liquidity, ensuring a robust market for integrated meme coins. Initially focusing on PEPE, PEPE, and SHIB tokens, the process involves participants staking their liquidity pool (LP) tokens derived from supplying liquidity to these coins' trading pools.

Staking Mechanism

  1. Supply Liquidity: Users provide liquidity to the trading pool of PPEPE, PEPE, or SHIB.

  2. Stake LP Tokens: The acquired LP tokens are then staked in the Nebula LP staking mechanism.

  3. Rewards: Stakers are rewarded with PPEPE tokens, and their LP tokens are locked, reducing circulation and enhancing liquidity stability. PPEPE LP staking rewards in SDIV rewards.


  • Daily reward rate that increases for 100 days, incentivizing long-term participation.

  • Opt-in for SDIV airdrops just by LP Staking!

  • Interactions such as staking more tokens, claiming rewards, or unstaking will reset the reward rate and emission rate.

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